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“[P]lenty of rooting interest and colorful characters”Variety – November 2015

“Lighthearted and immensely entertaining” – LA Weekly – November 2015

“Irreverent homespun Zen gives this doc zing” – Hollywood Reporter – November 2015

“You’ll Find Yourself… Hanging On the Edge of Your Seat as The Surprisingly Dramatic Tale Takes Its Twists and Turns.”

“Filmmakers Annika Iltis and Timothy James Kane capture the 2012 race in all its quirky glory.” – Movie Nation – November 2015

Hot Docs Top 20 Audience Favorites: #13 The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young – Hot Docs – May 2015

“Filled with laughter as well as pain, pride and sorrow, this film encapsulates the sheer drive of humanity, it’s inspiring and stunning.” – The Mind Reels – April 2015

“A fascinating and delightfully offbeat study in human resilience that’s a lot of fun to watch” – One Movie Our Views – May 2015

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“[C’]est un coup de cœur pour le public, un film aussi attachant qu’hilarant, dirigé par des talentueux réalisateurs qui savent se faire discrets, laissant toute la place à cet événement plus grand que nature.” – 24 Images – May 2015 (English Translation: It is a favorite for the public, a film as endearing as it is hilarious, directed by talented directors who know how to be discreet, leaving all the room for this larger than life event.)

Essential Festival Viewing “Audiences will be laughing and scratching their heads throughout (and none will probably ever want to attempt such insanity), but by the end they’ll be cheering.” – Toronto Film Scene – April 2015

“Captivating and thrilling…It’s truly something to behold, in all its excruciating glory.” 8/10 – Exclaim! – April 2015

Review: Hot Docs’ ‘Nightvision’ pushes film subjects to the outer limits, Digital Journal – April 2015
“The most astounding aspect of this film is its ability to increase the intensity and viewer’s anticipation without accompanying any racer for the majority of their trek. Each time someone quits and the writing on the screen updates the percentage of entrants still in the race, the audience becomes more invested in the outcome. It’s quite a clever and effective technique.”

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ShAFF2015 – The Barkley Marathons Wins People’s Choice Award – April 2015
Festival Director Matt Heason said, “The fact that our audience enjoyed The Barkley Marathons as much as our judges is testament to the strength of the filmmaking, the story and characters.”

ShAFF2015 – And the Winner is… – March 2015
Festival Director Matt Heason said, “The Barkley Marathons was my personal favourite of the festival this year. I think I benefited from not knowing anything whatsoever about the race or the devious course, and was drawn in by some very competent filmmaking and a cracking story.
Claire Maxted, ShAFF Judge and editor of Trail Running magazine, said, “The Barkley Marathons is not only a great running film, but also a fantastic story that will have runners and non-runners alike on the edge of their seats as the plot unravels. You mustn’t miss the tale of this crazy, crazy footrace through a spooky, spiky forest organized by an even crazier character. You’ll be astounded by the twists and turns the story makes, aghast at the blisters and suffering endured, and rooting for the underdog and cheering for the lead guys all at the same time. The ending beggars belief, but I won’t spoil it for you of course. If you don’t get to see anything else at the festival – watch this one, it’s the perfect combination of storytelling and running.”

Austin Indie Film Examiner’s Best Festival Films of 2014 – January 2015
“The Barkley Marathons informs and educates its audience about its topic with determined clarity and skill. Thanks to the directing team of Annika Iltis and Timothy James Kane, this doc presents the absolute absurdity of the mythical all-terrain footrace with meticulous depth and a healthy dose of humor.”

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“The only documentary in this top five and winner of the AFF documentary feature audience award” Film Review from the Austin Film Festival: 5/5 – November 2014
The Barkley Marathons is a powerful film about survival and the will to push through impossible odds.”

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