The film is available for purchase digitally and on DVD/Blu-ray in most of the world through our website If you get an error message saying that the film is not available in your area, email us at with your specific geolocation and we will try make it work!

1. Go to
2. Choose the package you wish to purchase or rent and submit your payment details.

1. Go to
2. Click “Add to Cart” under the DVD or Blu-ray image.
3. Click “View Cart” – this will take you to the checkout page where you can change the quantities of discs you would like to order.  See Cart example image below.
Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 12.33.57 PM

How much will it cost to ship a DVD or Blu-ray INTERNATIONALLY?

International shipping & handling starts around $15.40 USD. If you plan on ordering more than 1 disc, contact us at for pricing.

I DON’T HAVE A PAYPAL account, how do I pay for a DVD or Blu-ray with a credit card?

You can use the Paypal payment system with a credit card without having an account.
1. On the checkout page click on PROCEED TO PAYPAL.
2. On the login page for Paypal click on the link that says: DON’T HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT? This will open up a credit card form. Paypal WILL give you the option to create an account after the transaction but you can choose NOT to.

How can I WATCH THE DIGITAL VERSION that I buy from your page (VHX)?

Watch on phone or tablet:
Watch through VHX iOS app (iPhone or iPad):
Watch on TV via Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Blu-Ray/DVD Player, Smart TV, Xbox 360, PS4:

In WHAT REGIONS will the DVD/Blu-ray work?

Technically, all of them. The DVDs and Blu-Rays are coded “Region 0” so they are considered region-free and theoretically able to be played in any country/player.

How do I GIFT A DIGITAL VERSION of the film to my friend?

1. On the video’s buy page (, choose the package you wish to purchase and enter your email address.
2. Enter your credit card information.
3. Click the box that says Gift this.
4. Enter the email address of the friend (or friends) you are buying for. You can enter more than one email address, separated by commas.
5. Enter an optional gift message.
6. Set an optional delivery date for the gift. If set, the recipient will get emailed the gift to watch on that date. This is great for holidays or birthdays! If you do not set a delivery date, the gift gets sent as soon as you buy it.
7. Select gift type: Rental or Purchase. These depend on what the seller is selling. They might have just rentals, just purchases, or both!
8. Hit the purchase button to buy the gift!
More info here:

On iTunes:
1. Open iTunes or iBooks.
2. If you’re not already, sign in with your Apple ID and password.
3. Find the item that you want to gift.
4. To the right of the item’s price, click the arrow.
5. From the menu, choose Gift This [item type].
6. Enter your recipient’s email address.
7. If you want, add a message.
8. Pick the day you want to send the gift and click Next.
More info here:

How long will it take for my disc to ship?

Please allow 2 days for orders placed Monday through Friday.
Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be fulfilled the following Monday.
If you require expedited shipping, please contact us at

HOW LONG can I view a rental from VHX?

After you start watching a rental, you have 3 days to finish. In those 3 days, you have total access to stream the content as many times as you like.

I was thinking of watching the film with my KIDS, is there PROFANITY in the film?

There are 3 “F-words” in the film. Two are said in a joking way, the third is under someone’s breath as they are falling on a hill. None of the profanity is said in a way that is anger-driven. There is also a “gross-out” moment with a blistered foot but that’s probably more fun for kids to watch than adults. There have been kids who have seen the film and enjoyed it.

Film FAQ

What is the name of that SONG / what is that MUSIC from the film?

All music was originally composed for the film by Tyler Gibbons with a few exceptions…
-The race begins with a newly composed version of “Flocks, First Time” performed by Red Heart The Ticker and written by Robin MacArthur and Tyler Gibbons. The original version can be heard on their album Oh My! Mountains Below
-Brett and Jared duel on their 5th loops with a newly composed version of “The Old Smith-Corona” performed by Red Heart The Ticker and written by Tyler Gibbons. The original version was part of their monthly music-subscription project “Songs In the Lunar Phase” and can be heard on their website.
-The end of the film and the final credits are accompanied by the song “I Feel Jesus,” written by Francis Reedy in 1962. This version is performed by Anna & Elizabeth and titled “Oh My My” on their album Sun to Sun.
Anna & Elizabeth have a new self-titled album. They are amazing artists, musicians, and historians of music!

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