An institutional purchase includes LIMITED public performance rights. You must obtain a public performance license if you or any employees or users of your library, school system, or organization wish to screen the film outside of a classroom, even when there is no admission fee. Screening fees may apply.

1.  Your purchase is a lease of the film for the life of the Disc.

2.  Barkley Movie LLC will replace a damaged disc within one month of purchase, but is not responsible for any consequential loss or damage.  Damaged Disc must be returned to Barkley Movie LLC prior to replacement disc being sent.

3.  The Disc and its contents are protected under the United States Copyright Code and those of other nations.  The disc and its contents may not be altered or copied in any manner.

4.  The disc and its contents are to be used for educational purposes.  Short quotes and single frames may be used in scholarly works and reviews only to the extent permissible under the US Copyright Code, provide they are accompanied by proper attribution.

5.  The disc may not be shown to the general public, theatrically, commercially, or for a profit and screenings may not be advertised to the general public.

6.  The disc and its contents (in whole or in parts) may not be uploaded in any manner onto webservers, web hosts, or video-hosting websites.

7.  The disc and its contents may not be broadcast or televised.

8.  The disc and its contents may not be rented, loaned for a fee, or leased to others.  If loaned to others, the purchaser may charge a refundable deposit and/or late fees.

9.  To ensure that persons using or borrowing the disc understand the usage restrictions, a copy of the\is license should be included in the box, folder or other holder used to house the disc.

10. Contact us at after your purchase and let us know if you prefer a standard DVD or a Blu-Ray.


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DVD – EDUCATIONAL (K-12 & Public Libraries)

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